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PayPal Chargeback

I have a quick question regarding the topic title. Is there any notification inside of Fiverr when buyer decide to do PayPal chargeback? I mean - is the order getting marked as canceled or something like that?

I have this strange issue (second time) that my $ earned in a month is showing different value on my phone, analytics and in the dashboard. It’s $64 difference which makes a sense as I have many $80 orders. Just would like to know if it’s just a bug or someone did a chargeback.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Go to analytics, and check under “overview” - do you see a cancellation there?

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0$ in cancelation there. Does it mean that it’s just a bug and the analytics/phone is showing the proper number? (Dashboard is showing $64 less than rest). Thank you for your help.

If you do not see anything suspicious in analytics, my help ends here, sorry. Either wait for someone else to hop in here or contact CS right away as I woudn’t count on a bug as an explanation.

I think You should contact CS, They would probably have an answer.

I already did. I mean, it happened to me twice and for the first time they just put some ‘refresh’ on my account which change some numbers (not all, some were still different), so I don’t want to do it second time as it doesn’t really help.
Just was curious if it’s just a bug or chargeback situation.

If you are selling an $80 order, then that $64 number you are seeing as YOUR earnings AFTER Fiverr takes its 20% off of the $80 order is correct. $80 - $16 (20%) = $64. This is what you earned from that job.


I know. I only mention that 64$ difference makes sense because of that. However, the main problem is that:

  • Analytics + Phone app are showing: X + 64$ earned
  • Dashboard is showing: X earned.