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PayPal Chargebacks - A question


It seems that every time I come to the forums, I am reading about someone who performed a job then at some point lost their revenue due to a PayPal chargeback. Someone please explain the following:

Is this possibly because fiverr allows PayPal chargebacks? Follow my logic here, If all you have to do is order a product online, wait for delivery, then issue a chargeback, then I have to go shopping right now.

It can’t be that I can order a MacBook PRO, accept delivery and then snatch my money back , keeping the computer. (If it is, I have found my new hobby and an iPhone X), so why does it work in the fiverr world?


From my experience with PayPal chargeback, there is an investigation as to what the problem is before they give you your money back.


You sound bitter…did you just have a chargeback? I have had them too, worst feeling possible.


No, didn’t have one. Just curious. Not bitter, just curious because so many seem to get bitten by this.


So that brings a follow up question, @vickiespencer suggests that there is an investigation that goes on. I know in your case you would have delivered great content. Was there an investigation, or did you just get ripped off? Did fiverr ask you for details prior to losing funds?


Nothing happened. They were small amounts, so I treated them as a business expense and forgot about it. I have very rarely contacted customer support. Maybe 3 or 4 times since I have been here.


Mine was not for my Fiverr account. It was something I had purchased online, and it was not what I expected. Another time it was for one of those things where you order a service, and then you keep getting bills for it month after month.


Understood. I am really curious if there is any such process on fiverr, or if they just approve the chargeback, delete the user account and move on.


You can dispute the chargeback by contacting Fiverr Support. What matters is hoping that you get someone experienced from staff and not a brick wall. CS can dispute every Chargeback but whether the CS representative dealing with your ticket wants to do the extra work or not is entirely up to him. This is based on my personal experience.


This happens allot, mostly individual selling used computers are targeted though. You do need a reason such as a photo of the package after you removed the computer and added a few bricks in its place.
If the seller didn’t pack the package in front of a delivery person, took photos/videos or other evidence of shipping the product the scammer is likely to win.

Of fiverr the chargeback is between fiverr and the buyer as the chargeback is issued to fiverrs paypal account and the buyers privacy is protected by the privacy policy.


Its important to remember the different types of “Chargebacks” too.
If a credit card is reported as stolen then there is no way to fight the chargeback. This is true both on and off Fiverr.
I SUSPECT that a lot of the chargebacks on Fiverr are done this way, ie using stolen card details which are only noticed weeks or months after the delivery has been made and this is why CS cannot do anything about it.

From what I have read and seen, the amount of an order will make a big difference in terms of how a Paypal dispute is handled by CS. I can see the logic in ignoring the low value chargebacks as it is a waste of resources for both Fiverr and the seller. The ones I have heard of being disputed on the Seller’s behalf have ranged from $100- 5000+.

For info and advice on dealing with and preventing Chargebacks, check out this post.


Fiverr does not have to approve or disapprove of a chargeback, Paypal does it on their own.

They don’t ban the seller’s account over it. The only results are seller and fiverr don’t get paid.

Fiverr can dispute a Paypal chargeback and have it reversed in some cases. They would do that by sending proof to Paypal the seller delivered what was ordered.


But if the Buyer did not like the order, then they could request a chargeback from Paypal?


@vickiespencer Yes the buyer can say they didn’t like what they got and Paypal will automatically issue a chargeback if the money was taken out of the buyer’s bank account but it probably can be successfully disputed by fiverr, if they want to take the time to do that.

For the approximately five Paypal chargebacks I’ve had over my five years here, that was what happened, since I did deliver what was ordered.

I’ve had about 6000 orders at least so I don’t consider five chargebacks anything to lose sleep over. One was for $5.


Thanks for clearing that up.


I completely agree that this situation can be supremely and often there no reliable ways to handle disputes particularly of the chargeback variety. Instead of having to go through your card or bank or subjecting yourself to something like this where you are relying on something unreliable to come through for you. I would suggest that you look up preventative chargeback measures you, yourself can take. If this doesn’t or hasn’t made a difference then go ahead and PM me or respond to this thread and I can give you some solutions or ideas that I have done myself and hopefully that can help you in preventing and solving these chargeback disputes.

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