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PayPal chargebacks are like buses

You wait years for one, and then 4 come along at once. 3 out of 4 are delivered gigs (one of the guys got banned from Fiverr before the chargeback).

Hands up who also knew that PP chargebacks would remove you from the search system when you get more than 2 at once!

I don’t think I will get an account warning as I didn’t do anything wrong. Just seems odd that the chargeback came after discussing the situation at length with customer support yesterday in relation to a person who continually claimed (on a $175 order) she never received the content. I was given this ntoe by customer support:

“Just breathe. Wait until she responds and we can go from there” He suggested sending one more message.

2 hours later. Deleted account. Me, rmeoved from the search.

Had no notifications of the chargeback thus far, though just the order is cancelled and the removal from the search.

Shame. Had 20 new orders today, delivered 20 too.

Not going to deliver more until support get back to me.


Just when I am down to a couple of late ones.


Are you trying to punish Fiverr or something?
Come on, deliver your orders and be professional for your clients; what you described here is nothing to do with them so just deliver your orders.
What possible reason is there to stop delivering until support get back to you?

The tinge of regret in the last sentence is nonsensical considering you are the one controlling it!


That’s horrible to get removed from search when you get a PP chargeback. You can request that fiverr disputes it and it’s possible they will refund it to your account.

The reason is because if I deliver the content, I don’t get paid if the account gets locked. I can’t spend a whole day and not see payment for 90 days. I don’t think anybody in their right mind would do that.

I have delivered a few and about to deliver a few more, but once the late ones are gone I shan’t be delivering anything that has yet to go late.

Yes. I know it is unprofessional, I know it is not their fault. I have informed all of them of the issue. There are 4 late ones which I am delivering now. It is more the working for hours and not getting paid thing. Like, I can’t feasibly wait 90 days to be paid on a gig I complete today. I doubt there is anybody here that would do that.

That is my reason. The 90-day thing.

If this is an issue, I already have about $1,200 that is clearing over the next 14 days. That would be locked for 90-days, even though most of it clear in 2-5 days.

I am delivering the ‘late’ ones now.

It actually hasn’t gone to PP yet. Her account has been closed shortly after I messaged her.

Saga went like this:

  1. She left negative feedback.
  2. I contacted Fiverr to say her feedback was lying.
  3. I was warned for extending the gig beyond 30-days
  4. She told me she had NEVER received the content (when she had)
  5. I have sent in numerous forms to her over the past 2 months. Via DropBox. Google Drive etc. (never a ZIP because Fiverr said use those methods. Easier for everybody to verify).
  6. Not once has she confirmed she has now received the content. Despite constant messages asking for confirmation.
  7. Spoke to customer support last night and I was informed just to leave it after sending her one more message. At this point she had not been online for 4 days.
  8. About 5 hours ago, her account was deleted and mine was removed from the search system.
  9. No notification. Nothing.
  10. Apparently, people can still order my gig. Just tested that.

So, I am confused. Are they fighting the chargeback for me? Are they working out what the issue is? Customer support said I can’t receive a warning on the same gig again, which is cool. But it is REALLY confusing right now

Fair enough then, I wouldn’t take that approach and would just work normally.
If that’s the way you want to deal with it then at least make sure you don’t go late on them.

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No more bär these four should go late before tomorrow evening. I’ll probably get something from cs in a few hours.

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The issue is resolved :confused:

There was no chargeback, it was just the world’s weirdest concidence that the one person who threatened to chargeback had her account deleted AND at the same time my gig disappeared. There are so standing complaints against the account, so time to redeliver content again.

The gig disappearing is a glitch in the system and it is being fixed in 24 hours.


Glad to hear it been resolved.I am happy for you.