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Paypal Dispute And Rating Problems?

I have a delivered an order some days before but now I have received an email from Fiverr team they cut my order balance is this my responsibility to check is this buyer transferring money is fake or real?
My balance cut noticed that PayPal dispute?
Can I get my money back which Fiverr team cut?
Also, this order cancelled by Fiverr team then why my Orders Completed have gone low?
Can I get my Rating back because this not my mistake this order i have completed with Five-star Rating.

The person you have worked for has filed a charge back and i am sorry to tell you but there is nothing you can do now. It does not effect your ratings.

But team Fiverr not planning to do some work about PayPal dispute i have lost over 100$ from two orders.

and the worst part is that Fiverr also won’t do anything about our order completion rating.i had same experience few days back for $50 order.OK,Fiverr won’t give me money,but when i contact CS for my rating,i got an answer that they can’t fix it manually.

maybe the buyer won’t get the seo results for his website
Always deliver your 100%, inbox the buyer to resolve the dispute.
Fiverr won’t able to help you if the buyer open dispute through paypal.