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PayPal Dispute opened after order completion


I did an order for a client, it was worth a lot. I worked really hard for months, they order was done I got the revenues in my account too, but then after a long time buyer opens a dispute through paypal and fiverr let it happen, I think it is very unfair to the customers. They were like two business partners I was working with one, the other opened the dispute because there was conflict between these two partners. How is this fair to us? Is there anything I could do to get my money back? This is really unfair.


There are a lot of posts about this on the forum. They are called ‘chargebacks’ and can happen to anyone. The good news is, fiverr maybe able to get your money back. Create a ticket with Customer Support and provide as much evidence and you can that the order was competed to the buyer’s satisfaction.


leaheme Thankyou so much… I have contacted fiverr hope they fix it and get me my money back.


Good luck

I’ve never heard of this before