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Paypal dispute problem


I had lost my 600$ for this case.and my old account for Fake buyer .As that guy always give me direct order from different ids.After completing the job that guy give me 5 star review also with completed order . When the earning is about to clearing fiverr cancel my order showing the paypal dispute problem .Do you face this also?

I also contact the fiverr team for this to resolve it. and also told them about that guy which looks like the guy who did that with proof/

But fiverr didnt gave me any solution. To avoid cancellation rate i had to deliver order.
Result goes to the same . Fiverr cancel my order showing paypal dispute.

Its happened several time to me . But go not solution. Moreover fiverr removed my reputed gigs for this case showing fraud but didn’t show me any specific reason behind it and finally removed my account.

Now i am order less cause i cannot connect my previous buyer and no review to show as the buyers see me i am a new seller here.

I was told fiverr to re-back my id . I will provide new service . but they only say they cant do. They only favor for buyer not for seller.

facing bad experience in fiverr for having no safety for seller. what was my fault i could take my buyers outside . but didnt do that .
And got the prize from fiverr! by giving me my d disabled!!!