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Paypal Dispute Problem..!


Now Paypal dispute is a serious problem. How can we stop this problem??


We can’t. Fiverr can’t control Paypal disputes. They happen to every internet business. So best to just accept it.

If they are large enough fiverr sometimes disputes them with Paypal.


Agreeing with MissCrystal.

PP disputes are out of our hands. :raised_hands:t4:

Read this post :small_red_triangle_down: it’s filled with helpful information.


Sad but this thing can’t be controlled until they (Fiverr) stop supporting PayPal and make their own system.


Paypal dispute problem in every marketplace. But Upwork and Freelancer .com have different way to handle this problem.


My question, If other platform can handle it then why fiverr can’t?


How they’re handling?


In that platform, when paypal dispute occurs then the authority contact to the freelancer/seller. If the freelancer/seller give them the proof then they take action and most of the time freelancers get their money back.


That’s a good way btw. But on Fiverr… What can I say :smiley:


Yes it is a problem in every marketplace, but having gone through disputes in general on the other platforms, I far prefer fiverr’s way of working (not perfect, but better). The site starting with f in particular is AWFUL if you have an issue - not just because they take their fee from your credit card before you even start the work! (so if there is a dispute - you don’t just lose your money, it can actually COST you money!)


I have used PayPal for years through eBay and have had wonderful results and they are great about working out disputes. Is there a reason that we can’t call PayPal directly to work out the chargeback?


Because technically the transaction is between fiverr and the buyer - so fiverr needs to challenge the chargeback.


Okay, I understand. They really need to work something out then. Since they are not trying to partner with PayPal, they should probably follow ebay’s example and allow the user to handle the PayPal transaction.
That would probably be the easiest method. Works great for them.


That would mean we each are using our individual Paypal account on fiverr, instead of fiverr’s Paypal account, to take payments from buyers, which wouldn’t work on fiverr.