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PayPal dispute, unnecessary order cancellation

Hi I want to know from senior freelancers about the tips to survive on fiverr i am newbie but i have faced and heard about so much negativity like people place orders by mistake and then cancel, the PayPal dispute issues, Even when job is completed buyers cancel the order and want refund…why fiverr doesn’t look upto all these issues???

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Order can be placed by mistake that why fiver allowed 10% of cancellation but also take care about your gig tittle and the description clearly described about your service as this is the only way to reduce by mistake orders.

About the PayPal dispute : in this case fiver will immediately de activate the account of the buyer and if there is no any fault from your side then fiver will refund you (I have noted many paypal dispute cases in this forum that fiver refunded)

About the cancellation after the order completed : If the buyer not satisfied with the job he can cancel the automatically completed orders, there for you have to keep your client always satisfied with your service


I would like to know about the people who actually got refund from fiverr
on PayPal dispute… I haven’t seen even a single person… rather i have
seen victims only

If you have a look around the forum, you’ll see there are quite a few who’ve successfully got money back from Fiverr after a chargeback. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a lengthy one to start you off: