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Paypal exchange rate?

Hi everybody, just a quick question…what is the exchange rate with paypal with you withdraw your revenue? where can I find this information?

with payoneer it’s 2%…

let me know! thanks!

Not sure what you mean but when you withdraw your revenues from Fiverr , it is 2% of the sum withdrawal amount up to $1…

There is a withdrawal fee??!? Lol

you mean that if you withdrew 100$ you got 99 real $ on your account?

yes… I just withdrew with payoneer and I’ve lost 15euros (more than 16$) in the transaction from my fiverr account to my bank account… so… yes… -_-

I mean that when I withdrew with payoneer I had to pay 3$ for the transaction + 2% of the amount because local bank is in euro… so a 2% fee that they call “exchange rate”… is it any with paypal? are you withdrawing it in $ or in you local value?thanks!

Damn, what is the withdrawal fee for Paypal then?

Lol, who ever reads those??? :smiley:

Obviously not me