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Paypal feature been disabled


My feature to withdraw to paypal has been deactivated because someone filed a dispute against me and I have no idea why, If a customer is not happy with an order I ALWAYS give them their money back or do a revision, ive look over all my orders and cant seem to find any one person that has left angry messages or were unhappy with orders, im not sure what is going on, ive done absolutely nothing wrong, Ive been on fiverr a year and always give my best when completing an order,ive contact fiverr support and they just keep saying the same thing: check all your orders for any unhappy customers and I have and there is none there, i really need my paypal feature back but no one in fiverr support seems to care.


That sounds so weird. :confused: I don’t understand why Paypal would be related to buyer satisfaction in any way. It’s just a method to withdraw your earnings, which you are eligible to withdraw even by law.

I’ve only heard that a Paypal button goes gray if there’s something that needs to be verified or if it’s bugged out and says a withdrawal is already in process.

I would recommend to create an another ticket and ask for advice on how you could withdraw your earnings.


When you earn enough to refund the disputed amount it will go back to being able to withdraw again.

People can file Paypal disputes for made up reasons.


I have $560 dollars that i can withdraw now thought


Ok thanks :slight_smile: ill create another ticket and see what happens!


How about you contact paypal CS.


So i created another ticket and they said the exact same thing, this is the 3rd ticket ive asked on but just the same thing: Thank you for contacting us.

Your withdrawal feature has been temporarily disabled due to buyer complaints regarding your performance as a seller on Fiverr. As with any marketplace, Fiverr sellers are expected to provide the services that they offer in a timely and professional manner, and to address their buyer’s concerns regarding said services. Please review your recent orders and your inbox messages from your buyers, and address those buyers who have expressed dissatisfaction with your service.

Ive contacted all buyers and they are all happy with end results,someone obviously has just done this on purpose or something its getting very annoying as ive done nothing wrong?


I don’t know what to tell you. Only customer support knows which buyer is unhappy and it would be a big help if they shared that with you.

I would ask to talk to another customer support representative, a different one. I see you have good reviews.


Now a days they usually let sellers know about the specific buyer who filed dispute.

About couple of weeks ago fiverr CS mailed me that this buyer needs modification. Please reach out to him.


Weird. Should keep sending tickets until you get it resolved in case you can’t find the buyer in question, even if it takes a hundred tickets to get it solved. As nobody here works for free, so you too are entitled to your earnings, provided you have delivered the work and it was as described.


I agree with codecture and let me put this in addition…

Take the screenshot of your conversation with your buyers especially most recent ones and send them to fiverr support so this will serve as your evidence that no customer has dispute against you. I think that will force them to contact whoever that reported you.


I’ve been in this boat too…
I wouldnt make any more tickets… instead do what heritad said. If fiverr knows you are looking around and you’ve showing them several recent interactions (I’d go as far as the past 2 weeks if possible) … they may consider their own internal research “done” … Your ticket/report is probably waiting for someone with approval to actually sift through it and determine you are not at fault…
Dont quote me on that … but they take a while for these cases… days sometimes.

Show your evidence… request a new rep look over things… (that helps) …
It erks me to see this happen to so many people… the times it has happened to me has been really annoying and fiverr support generally gives you canned responses and very very very very little information about the problem at hand… Its like a big secret. =/

Just ask that the process be expedited because it’s your money + bills you’re talking about.
If you dont remember a bad interaction (and judging by your good reviews) … its probably a problem buyer… in which case , I’ll say again… (for the 100,000,000th time here) …

Sellers need more protection on this platform.


So fiverr said they are not able to give the name of the person who filed a dispute but they said the order was in december, so I messaged everyone who ordered that month only half of them replied and others havent, how am i supposed to resolve anything if no one is cooperating with me, i seriously dont remember anyone left unhappy with an order, unless someone accidently filed a dispute or something, i looked at all decemeber orders and everyone said the are happy with the end result but fiverr are saying the order still has not been resolved, this is getting very frustration


Fiver should give you the name of the person who opened the dispute, so you can prove to paypal the service was delivered. It’s like that on all other freelancer platforms. I get scam attempts every week, trying to dispute and get the service free. The platform informs me of the dispute and asks me to provide the proof that I delivered the project. Then paypal rejects the dispute and I get the money back. Fiverr is kinda weird :slight_smile:


Actually I see you have one unhappy customer who gave you a 3 star rating one month ago. Maybe that is the cause.


I messaged them and said they were happy with everything, anyway its been resolved, fiverr canceled the order and I got my feature back, not sure why they didnt just say that at the start. They wouldnt even tell me what order it was.


Congrats Moreover, I will like you to tell us how the feature is released. I mean exactly what you told them so that everybody who follows the post will know just what to do to solve it if one find him/herself in the same situation so there won’t be needs to create a post.



can someone suggest me that if we would not be able to find that buyer ?it will not be resolved? or resolved automatically after some days?


can you suggest that what is the alternative if we unable to find that buyer?


Well i submitted about 20 tickets before they actually got this thing resolved, just tell them to cancel the order that has filed a dispute against you and if they dont just keep submitting tickets until it resolved, thats what i done.