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Paypal fees for buying?

I have found this today. To buy a gig now the price is $5,50 via paypal?

I have the same question - why does the gig cost $5.50 now? And it’s not PayPal fee, the same processing fee $0.50 appears when ordering with credit card.

It’s in the new Terms of Service: As of November 2014: $0.5 on purchases up to $10 and 5% on purchases greater than $10

so its no longer a Fiverr then?! Rip off!! When did they tell us that they were going to add an admin fee? Did you get an email?

Today, when I got to Fiverr, there was an announcement at the top of the page that the ToS was updated, and a link to the new ToS.

Reply to @redphoenix2: I didn’t get an email nor did a banner appear at the top.

As usual, it would be nice to for fiverr to let the community know in advance.

Does this apply to Fiverr credit, too? I am a seller and a buyer on Fiverr. We already take a 20% cut to sell. I would prefer not to have to tack on an additional 10% just to buy a single gig, too.

Fiverr need to get their act together - this is terrible, it’s called Fiverr for a reason.

You pay taxes on things that you buy in a store. And those taxes are “fees” added to the retailer’s listed price. This is no different. Fiverr is still Fiverr, and basic gigs still cost $5. Only now, there is a nominal processing fee added to every buyer’s purchase.

There’s nothing wrong here, folks. This is a valid, normal business move. Fiverr obviously sees the need to charge a perfectly legal processing fee with every purchase. It’s only 50 cents (on a standard $5 gig). This isn’t going to break the bank, or drive buyers away. Processing fees and taxes are a normal part of doing business.

Reply to @kjblynx: I just went to order a random $5 gig. It DOES add the $0.50 fee to the order, making a total of $5.50 for a gig.

I don’t get it, it’s not Fiverr anymore? It’s 5.50err?

Reply to @dwhsnet:

Actually, it is still Fiverr; basic gigs are still sold for $5. This added fee is not part of the gig cost. It is a fee assessed outside of the original $5 cost.

I wonder would the number of buyers and visitors decrease?

Reply to @venco83:

I doubt it. This is only a 50 cent fee. Most buyers aren’t likely to think twice, since most buyers only purchase basic $5 gigs.

Reply to @kjblynx: TOS clearly says "As of November 2014: $0.5 on purchases up to $10…"

So a single order ($5) would have a 10% fee ($0.50). Thanks for letting me know about it only being money you put into to the system!

Reply to @kjblynx: It certainly isn’t a bug. The Fiverr ToS states the following:

As of November 2014: $0.5 on purchases up to $10 and 5% on purchases greater than $10

What if I’m buying multiples of one $5.00 gig from the same guy. I’m actually doing that right now. .50+.50+.50+.50+.50+.50 etc. etc. It adds up and in this case it’s absurd.Is there a way to pay someone for 30 or more of the same job and only pay one processing fee? I’m not digg’n that part of the transaction.

Well, depending on how much you trust the seller, you could purchase $15 or more worth of gigs (three or more $5 gigs) and the system should only charge you 5% as a processing fee, if I’m reading the above correctly. Such an arrangement would be a custom offer, which the seller can send to you directly in a private message.

But make sure you trust your seller to delivery all of the work on time. And make it a longer gig, so they have plenty of time! This could be tricky if there are too many moving pieces and some revisions/modifications being needed could be difficult with timelines, too. Work out the logistics first, then try a custom offer instead of buying “off the shelf.”