Paypal fees. why doesnt fiver cover those?


Can fiverr cover the Paypal Fees out of the 20% they take off the top?


Why stop at Paypal fees? Why don’t we ask Fiverr to pay our electric bills, too, while they’re at it? And maybe throw in a new phone or computer every year or two?

But seriously, why should Fiverr pay for other company’s fees? Aren’t they allowed to earn enough to pay their expenses, and maybe earn a profit, too?


Reply to @celticmoon: no reason for a negative troll. If you are cool with the fee thats fine. If Fiverr cant afford to cover the fee than then the seller will pay it. Good Luck Celticmoon :slight_smile:


Reply to @moonmotel: I just don’t understand your reasoning. Or why it’s a "negative troll’ to be mystified and unable to see the rationale of your question. Please explain why one company should pay another company’s fees?

I also have no idea what you mean by “then the seller will pay it”. I guess we’re on two different Fiverrs~

Good luck to you, too


how much does paypal take?


I believe I understand what moonmotel is saying… I think it should be a cost of business expense on Fiverr’s part and make it accessible for a user to get their money in a reasonable time frame (The wait time to get paid is ridiculous.) or provide an alternate way to withdraw funds without a MasterCard option full of fees. When you are starting out you end up doing Fiverr gigs for free to cover cost of transactions. An option could be to offer a transfer link to a bank account that does not cost the seller more. Fiverr is a fast growing business making money off talented folks. It should be able to offer more to the people who support the business to encourage growth.


i agree with with @jonknoxville… to me its almost not even worth being on here at times … i mean ppl expect you to do so much for so little, i know its a fiverr… but not really cuz its $3.92 once fiverr and paypal takes their cut… i know why they do it…but dang at least shorten up the old time on releasing the funds… sometimes when sales are slow i’m only withdrawing $4.00 or $8.00