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Paypal Fiverr Question


I new to Fiverr and I like to know if Fiverr change you money or PayPal change you a free for send money to your PayPal acc after you get payed from your client? I hope someone can help me out.


Yes, Fiverr to Paypal transaction is 100% free. As example, if you transfer $100 from your Fiverr account to Paypal account, You’ll get exact $100. There is no withdrawal charge for paypal withdraw. Even, you’ll be able to withdraw $1 from your fiverr to paypal.


fiverr to paypal withdraw is free
and paypal to bank account 2% fees is deducted
for example if withdraw 48$ to paypal, paypal get 48$ but when transaction from paypal to bank account then you get 46$

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Thanks that help alot I just worry I get change fee for with drawing.

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