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Paypal/fiverr refund

Hello fiverr community. Has anyone tried refunding revenue sent to PayPal back to fiverr. I am having issues with sending money from my PayPal, so i decided to refund the money back to fiverr. I want to know if i will get my money back in my available balance and how long it’s going to take. I have contacted both parties Fiverr and Paypal. But i am yet to get a response from them. Please anyone ever done this before. I have a receipt from paypal saying the refund has been completed.
Thanks and have a great weekend

I have read about this in the forum quite some time back. She send the money back and it got lost. So I wouldn’t suggest it but just to be sure please wait for a reply from CS or Paypal.

Too bad i already refunded the money back to fiverr. but i just got in with Paypal and they said they were going to get in touch with Fiverr to cancel the refund so it appears back in my balance. Its gonna be bad on the path of both fiverr and paypal if the money is lost.
Thanks for the response

Best of luck. Please let us know how everything played out just for future references.

After speaking with PayPal on the phone. They said the refund as been completed and sent to I have the Transaction ID and other stuffs as proof of transaction. PayPal said the money was meant to reflect instantly which i am yet to see in my Fiverr balance. I have been trying to contact fiverr customer support for quite some time now but no response. I wish i had filled in how bad their response rate was in the survey they did recently. Am still waiting to hear from fiverr support to know about the refunded money. I will sure keep you posted.

From Fiverr’s Terms of Service: “Withdrawals are final and cannot be undone. We will not be able to refund or change this process once it has begun.”

I hope that Customer Support finds a way to help you. Good luck!

Was about to say the same thing that @catwriter said. Hope for your sake that it’s not a big amount.

Some issues for you are:

-Fiverr already had the info in the ToS, so you were forewarned.

-Being forewarned (or more so if you had forgotten ToS) you should have counted CS before trying risky things with digital funds.

-When you did contact Fiverr you seemed to have assumed they’d answer fast, but many places on Fiverr you find statements that it can be a few days. Luck is about it now.

I’m so sorry you have had this problem! Never send money back to fiverr for any reason. You would have been better off if you had tried to figure out how to get it out of Paypal.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your concern. Thank Goodness the money wasn’t much $127

Have you got your money back, Please update. Thanks

Finally I got my money back after i provided the necessary information required. Thumbs up Fiverr!!!

Yes $128 was refunded into my Available balance

I’m amazed and pleased to hear this! I didn’t know it was possible.

Note to self (and others): Don’t try this :smiley:

Me neither. I just decided to contact CS again. This is over a month. At first they told me what they said earlier about money not being refunded after a withdrawal has been made. After much discussion. I was asked to send the transaction ID of the refund which i did. The money was refunded into my available balance in less than 12 hours. Thanks for the concerns. BTW I won’t try refunding money back to Fiverr again. Once beaten twice shy