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PayPal grayed out - FIXED. Now another problem arises

I had my PayPal withdraw button grayed out, I talked to customer support, they fixed it and now my PayPal button is visible. Now, when I click on in to withdraw money to my PayPal account, it says “A verification email was sent to the email address you provided on PayPal. Please check your email and follow the instructions.” but that email never gets send. I tried it a bunch of times with no success.

Anyone else with the same problem? Any suggestions as to what might fix this?

Double check that the email address on your profile is correct and hasn’t been hacked or altered. You’ll need to click the verification link in that Fiverr email in order to initiate the withdrawal process to Paypal. Also check your email’s Junk or Spam file in case the emails got filtered out that way, and if so, make the appropriate changes to your email account settings to accept emails from Fiverr. If everything is set up correctly and the emails didn’t get junked, then I’m afraid you’ll need to contact CS again.