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Paypal help

I am new to fiverr and I am not sure how this paypal thing works I have a order pending but I don’t remmber if I set up a paypal account with fiverr and I don’t know how to get to it? I see they offer this fiverr card but I am not interested in that I would rather do paypal and what kind of paypal account would I need a personal or a bussiness? someone please help :confused:

Setting up the Paypal can be done at

Just open a personal account (no business or higher fees apply) and then fill in the account details on Fiverr that’s it.

After your funds have cleared (two weeks after completion of your order) you will be able to set up your PayPal and withdraw your money from Fiverr.

I don’t believe you can set it up before then.

Hope that helps! [=