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Paypal International Fee


I sell and buy here. Paypal started charging a 3% fee for international sales. I saw some POS transactions in my bank account. I called to ask, and they said it was attached to my Fiverr purchases. It is international because Fiverr is in Isreal. Be careful. It has been 33 cents, 68 cents, and 18 cents. They add up.


Damn. Usually, I purchase gigs from my balance. Does this happen only if you withdraw by PayPal or?

I think at some point, I had to pay through Paypal and it took me through Paypal via Israel. I thought nothing of it at the time. Now, that may be why I am getting international fees. If I had a balance I would not have this issue. But, I took some time off. Now my account is restricted because I challanged these fees through Paypal, and Fiverr thinks I am trying to get a refund for a purchase, which I am not. So, waiting for CS to respond and sort this all out.

It’s strange.

I use paypal only for eBay lol. :slight_smile:

Yeah. Weird. Really weird

Paypal always weird
For many countries
i always get magic from paypal

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I Don’t like PayPal.