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PayPal limit reached? (When it is clearly not)


Hi fiverrs,

When i try to withdraw money from my fiverr account to my PayPal account, it says i’ve used up my daily limit of 5000 - and that is clearly not the case. In fact, i’ve not even withdrawn any money previously (apart from yesterday) so i’m curious as to why it says so?



You will have to ask PAYPAL, or Customer Support.


Yesterday at what time? Basically you can’t withdraw twice in a day, so you need to wait 24hours in order to withdraw again


Oh okay! I think that’s where the problem lies. I did it about 7 PM yesterday, so i’ll wait another hour or so :slight_smile:



Hello @wredsa

I also have a problem similiar to this, but it’s not related to paypal. For example when I have money that shows up in the Revenues page, they don’t always appear in my account in the same day that it says to me they will be CLEARED. It usually appear on the next day so till then, I can’t withdraw.


I’ve noticed this too and just accept it. Maybe it is due to different time zones in the world.


Yeah, might be. Of course this is just a very small issue, just one of many many issues happening on this platform. For example my clients don’t see the option of selecting an image for the live portfolio, after they mark an order as completed. Some of them see it, some of them don’t see it. All gigs are having LIVE PORTFOLIO enabled, by the way. I contacted the fiverr support team and they didn’t answered in weeks now, after they said they are sending the issues and my info to the development team.


Quick update:
Indeed that was the problem. I waited till around 7 PM and boom, I was able to withdraw again.


Just stating my opinion here :slight_smile:

Fiverr charges a flat fee of $1 per withdrawal. Why withdraw funds every single day? That’s a lot of extra fees.


I have never been charged 1 $ withdrawal fees.