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Paypal "No earnings to withdraw"


So in my revenues box, it’s say I have earnned 72$ and another 72$ is pending clearence, my question is, how can I withdraw the 72$ that I’ve already earned, when I’m tring to click on the paypal box is saing that “no earnings to withdraw” despide I have orders that have completed and are past the clearing.

Thanks !


Has the 14-day clearing period passed?


The “earned” box is literally how much money you have earned by selling gigs.

The “pending” box is the money that will be available once the 14 day clearing period has passed.

After 14 days (approximately) that money will show in the “available” box. “Available” means you can withdraw it.

NB: The 14 days applies to each order separately, so the availability of the money will be staggered based on exactly when the orders were completed.


I don’t have any pending box or available box, I’ve attached a file of what it’s looking for me, the thing is I have a lot of orders that are “Revenue for Order Completion”


Reply to @florinbrl: Right across the top of the image you posted “Earned”, “Withdrawls”, “Used to order gigs”, “Pending Clearance” and “Available funds”.

As the 14 days pass for each order, they will change to “Funds pending clearance” and then they will be available to withdraw.

If you have orders that were definitely completed at least 14 days ago, you can contact customer support.

I believe the “revenue for order completion” is just the day the order was completed. For the Feb 04 order, the funds should be available on approximately the 18th.


If you move your cursor over the $76 Pending Clearance and click on it, you will be taken to another page where you will see all the gigs that are pending clearance and when they will go through the system.


Thank you for your replays, the problem I have, is that the money from “revenue for order completion” should already be ok to withdraw, but there are nowhere, plus if i count all the money from “revenue for order completion” it ends up at 108 dollars, where are that money ?


None of your money is available to withdraw yet. Look at the place at the top of your image that says $76 & underneath it says pending clearance. Then look at the next box to the right where it says 0 with the words available funds underneath. When the 0 changes to another number you can withdraw. You must be patient.


Reply to @fonthaunt: yes, but then what “revenue for order completion” means?



itsyourthing said: I believe the "revenue for order completion" is just the day the order was completed. For the Feb 04 order, the funds should be available on approximately the 18th.
I know you're new and you're anxious to get your money, but you have to pay attention to what we have been saying in this thread. This is an example of how it works:

You get an order on February 1.

1.) The order is delivered and marked as complete by the buyer on February 2.

2.) That order payment goes into the "revenue for order completion" list.

3.) There is a 14 day 'clearing period' for that order payment. It can vary a day or two. So that money will not be available for you to withdraw until at least February 15.

Shortly before February 15 that money will move into the "pending clearance" list, just as a way for you to know that the money will be available soon.

You cannot withdraw that money until at least 14 days after the order has been marked as complete. A soon as you can withdraw the money, it will be in the "Available Funds" list.


Ok, thanks for beeing patience with me, I tought that there was 14 days for Clearance and then it will go in “revenue for order completion” not the otherway.

Thank you again for the help


Reply to @florinbrl: I’m glad it finally ‘clicked’. :slight_smile: