Paypal no longer available [Resolved]


I guessed I missed the memo on this, but we can no longer transfer money to Paypal? I was not signed up for direct deposit, but now that I am, they are still not transferring my money. The only options are to get a Fiverr Revenue Card (which I will not do because I do not spend money on Fiverr) or do direct deposit.

I miss the Paypal option. Anyone know anything about this?


Can’t help you with PayPal, but Fiverr Revenue Card is a Payoneer MasterCard. You can withdraw your funds to it and use it like any other MasterCard (ATM, stores that accept it…)


Paypal still works for me. I withdrew a week or so ago and everything was fine.

Maybe it’s an issue on your end? Try contacting support?


i almost had a heart attack lol
PayPal is working here :slight_smile:


Thanks. I didn’t know that about the Fiverr Revenue card. Still, I want Paypal.


Paypal is not even listed as an option on my earnings page any more, so, no, it’s not my card/account.


Paypay is not even an option on my earnings page. I always transfer funds the last day of the month, but am having to jump through hoops to get my money.


Weird, it shows up just fine on my page. I’d still recommend contacting support in this case. It might be a bug on the page.


Well…suddenly, after not showing up all morning, it’s there. Getting my money NOW.


Oh, that.

I completely forgot about that possibility.

It happens sometimes: one or more withdrawal options disappear, only to show up after a while (say, after you had several heart attacks wondering what’s going on and how to get your money).