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Paypal now has FREE instant transfers to your bank

Paypal has today stepped up to help people by giving us free no fee instant money transfers of your funds into your bank. Before it cost money to use the instant transfer feature. It’s the first time I’ve ever done an instant transfer instead of the usual three day transfer. Nice! Thank you Paypal!


Is this a limited time thing due to the pandemic or will it actually be the norm? I assume the former… can’t see PayPal not charging people for faster transfers.

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They didn’t say but this pandemic will last a while so I assume it will be as long as this is going on.

Paypal has other ways it earns money so they can afford it.

It may just be people who use fiverr that get this benefit.

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Hi sir can u help to not getting a e-mail to activate my account is there any problem in a site or something else.

The e-mail I received stated “through April 30, 2020.”

I like that there’s a time limit for now. They can extend this if they think it’s needed, but an early cut-off would hurt the company’s reputation.

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Thanks for the update on that.

Up till now I paid 1% fee (with a minimum amount of around 1,5 usd and a maximum amount of around 9 USD). Actually, I did pay the same fee for my latest withdrawal (less than 12 hours :D), so I guess there’s a no fee promotion in one/several countries. P.S: I’m from Romania

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