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Paypal or Bank Transfer - India?

I am from India.
I need to withdraw around 500$.
I do not care for the time taken in the withdrawal process.
Paypal withdrawal is free and bank transfer charges 3$ for each withdrawal.
All I need to know is that after taking conversion rate into consideration which method will deduct less amount in the process of withdrawing from fiverr till it reaches my bank account.


Payoneer is best they charge flat fees of 3$.
and takes 2-4 days.
One more thing I setup my account in payoneer in 2016 and since then I didn’t even login again.
everything is simple.

On the other hand paypal has so many restrictions, sometimes it holds accounts without warning
Tip- use only for large amount withdrawl

You need to read up on Payoneer problems right now:


I think bank withdrawal is free.

Unfortunately right now for many it’s not working.

Its not free. It charges 3$ for each transaction.