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Paypal or Local Bank Transfer?

Hi, it’s not been 14 days yet since I first started making money on Fiverr. Soon, the money will be released for me to transfer to my bank account. It’s not much - a total of 80 odd bucks over the last 10 days, and will be released in small batches over the next 2 weeks. Can somebody tell me whether I should take the money out through Paypal, or through the local bank transfer option given by Fiverr ? Given that I live outside the US - which is the cheaper option, and takes less in service charges ? Please help me out with this. Thanks.

Hi, both options are available to me (I live in India) - Paypal and local bank transfer. I’ve received a plenty of money from Paypal from many other websites. Or are you saying Fiverr doesn’t allow Paypal transfers in India ? I’m not sure then, because I haven’t yet actually received any actual money from Fiverr.

need a help.
how to transfer money to local bank?

Where are you currently located?

When did you join Fiverr?

The email you received from Fiverr when you first joined?

The number of the first order you made on Fiverr?

Passport page with your name and photo.

they want the 5 replay.
but i did not understand the five number question…?

Those were the days. Forgot all about this post, made when I had just got started. To answer my own question, always trust PayPal. PayPal rocks!

What a wonderful time I have had on Fiverr since then. Thank you Fiverr, for changing my life :slight_smile:

For Indian users payoneer(Local Bank) option is better than paypal.

I have used both .More money we get when we transfer through payoneer

Thanks for this, it’s a question that I have asked for a while now. I love the fact that you have answered your own question, and being a top rated seller it’s an answer I can trust.