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Paypal or payoneer?


Which one is better ?


it totally depends on your country.
Because I’m from India and Payoneer is free for India.
Ex- if i withdraw 100$ then I’ll receive 100$, no tax and other hidden charges.
And Payoneer conversation rate is more than PayPal.

Check this about Payoneer. on simply contact him about tax or other charges.


Thanks ! Very helpful comment !


Payoneer. :+1:




For Fiverr I mainly use Payoneer. For everything else Paypal, for the obvious reasons.


+1 for Payoneer. Seems to save me some of the money from conversions.


depends on country.


Hi, I think Payooner is best for Fiverr.I Recommended Payooner :). Thanks


There’s no Payoneer option in my Fiverr account, it shows Paypal and Bank Withdraw. I sent a message to CS and they said that I need to create a Payoneer account and then initiate the linkup with my Fiverr account. I used to think it was the other way round?

Was it the same way for you? Did you click on ‘Apply for Payoneer’ from your Fiverr account or did you create your Payoneer account and then add Fiverr to it as a revenue source?


I think Payoneer is better for those who don’t have paypal available in their country! everyone have deduction fee and maintenance fee once a year! so yeah good luck!


Depends on country.
Payoneer takes $29.99 per year for the card. Sametime they make presents sometime!! ( $50 for activity in the 2016 )


Thanks Guys ! Wish you luck !


For me, Payoneer is King!

I do think it is country specific though