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Paypal or payonner

Ya, something happens to me, Just because of people like you, it’s hard to keep the community free from spam.
and you know what? People like you don’t understand. :joy: :rofl:

This is spamming. It’s like you having a chat with your mum in the comfort of your lounge and someone breaking down the door before running in screaming “Buy Coca Cola”

It’s simply not appropriate.


Aah! Nice explanation, but unfortunately he will not understand what you said. :joy: :rofl:

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@cyaxrex I told ya, he will not understand :joy: :rofl:

Ya, That’s absolutely right if you want to be banned :slight_smile: :ok_hand: :joy:

Bank transfer goes through Payoneer.

Man i don’t need assist from google translate. I scored 8.0 in IELTS exam and i stayed in Australia 5 Years so i dont need to learn english from you guy.

Are you serious @firozalam_cse There is a separate section for advertising your gigs here and it goes by the name My Fiverr Gigs. That also has its own rules, you can’t even spam that place. If you are interested in spamming your service, create your own blogspot or wordpress and keep pasting the links there.

I am extremely happy with my PayPal as of now.

Thanks for your valuable speech.

i prefer paypal . because payoneer cost extra money .u can request atm card only when ur amount reach $100 and you have to pay for the card too.

but paypal is instant . once u withdraw money from fiver it goes instantly in your paypal account and it can be transfer also to your bank account if u wish to withdraw it. paypal charge only small money .


For me I prefer PayPal with my work online and I really like it.