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Paypal Payment goes into infite load

Hey guys,

I wanted to fulfill my first payment with Fiverr today, but when I tried to pay with Paypal, I was getting an infinite loading screen. As soon as I clicked on Paypal, as loading circle appeared on my screen and it didn’t even stop after minutes of waiting time.

Does anyone have an idea what the issue might be? When I clicked the check box for card payment, nothing happened…

Kind regards,


Hi Nujsii,

What was the workaround for this?
I am having similar issue


i still have no idea. I tried using PayPal in a VM and it worked. Don’t really know why… xd

Thanks Nujsii,

I contacted support, and the agent confirmed she was refreshed my account and it worked for me.

You should reach out to the support team to see if they can help do this for your account as well


Honestly, I am starting to notice a theme on the forum. It seems that a lot of the issues come from the payments whether it be the buyer or the seller.

Fiver really need to get this stuff fixed because some people make a living off fiver and having money issues can add a lot of unnecessary stress.