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PayPal payment issue


Hello everyone, I have sumbited my offer on buyer requests and client said to me he is not able to hire me because of some error. He cant pursuit to payment. This would be my 1st gig and when i go into dashobard > Earnings > PayPal is not clickable. Is it something wrong with website and that section? Can Buyers hire Us if we didnt provide PayPal account before they are placing order or they can place their order and we sumbit can sumbit PayPal Account later? I mean can someone hire me altho i dont have any payment chosen before placing order? Also is ‘‘Fiver Revenue Card’’ a thing that i must have in order to whitdraw money or i can just have regular PayPal payments?

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Your PayPal button in the Earnings section has absolutely nothing to do with your buyer… if the buyer can’t place an order, this means there an issue in either his PayPal account or Fiverr’s gateway.

Answering your question: YES, you can still get orders and keep your balance until you figure out a way to withdraw it… although I recommend the revenue card option.


In addition to what @jdpremium said about your buyer’s payment problem not being your problem, you can only setup a payment method like PayPal once you’ve got some cleared funds in your account. Once you’ve got that you can happily add PayPal etc. :sunny:


Thank You verry much for responding. I understand everything now. I thought that i need to provide all payment info and than im ready to be hired. This is even better option, thank you again :slight_smile: