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Paypal payment missing

Hi everyone. So i initiated a withdrawal from fiverr through PAYPAL and i got an email from paypal to claim my money. At that time my kyc for receiving local and global payments was not submitted and they said its not verified. (I messaged the paypal cs). Also i got an email from paypal saying they are waiting for me to submit a few missing documents inorder to deposit the fund(the kyc and i got to know it only after a lot of researching). And if its not verified the fund gets reversed to the sender(FIverr) in 1 month time. The problem is i have submitted all my kyc after this email and after 2 days from my withdrawal initiated. Now the Paypal asks me to contact fiverr and resend the payment once again, Which i dont know how it becomes possible. This is my first paypal transaction and would appreciate it if anybody has the solution to this. Fiver earnings shows withdrawal initiated and deducted the money- The paypal button is greyed out showing withdrawal in progress- the WITHDRAWN tab has $0 as it doesnt display the amount withdrawn which i think is due to the incomplete transaction. The only solution i see as of now is wait for 30 days to reverse the fund in fiverr again and then initiate withdrawal again. Is there anything i am missing here or can anything else be done to receive my money sooner before this 30 day wait as im in urgent need of it. I’d appreciate if anybody can help. Thanks


Hi Anil,

I am also going thru the same situation. If anybody who faced similar issue, Please share your thoughts and experience.

Appreciate your inputs and resolution.

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Im facing the same problem. Somebody plese help me out as this is my first ever withdrawal and a big amount

As of today i havent received that money back in fiverr. After some more talks with paypal CS they said the money will be reversed into senders account within 30 days. That 30 days ended yesterday and no money is shown in my earnings tab. Whenever i open a ticket i dont get replies for more than 10 days and out of frustration i then open another ticket or follow up in the same ticket. But no replies for follow up. When you open another ticket, They automatically closes my previous one saying “This request is closed for requests”. Has this happned to anyone else. Anyone with any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

I am having the same issue. It’s been more than a month, it’s struck on “Withdrawal Initiated”, but I don’t have money in PayPal account or Fiverr. If anyone can help, please.

I don’t understand what KYC means, maybe I am missing something.

Its Know Your Customer. Some documents you have to provide for verifying ur identity before initiating payment transfers.

So basically PayPal verification?

You should do that before withdrawing any money…

Yes you should. I had to provide kyc for both domestic and international payments for them to verify my account. Make sure all the verifications are complete before initiating any payment.
EDIT: I received my money today after a whole 1 month struggle with the CS. I was in constant touch with them. They solved it today after 1 month. Hope this helps others. Piece of advice: Do not open multiple support tickets for the same issue. Reply on the same one, if they are too delay in responding, Contact them through fb or twitter with ur support ticket. Thanks everyone.

It’s obvious. If you just open multiple tickets, it ends up wasting their time and they might ignore the ticket you initially sent. Plus, they are dealing with the pandemic and other stuff. Cut them some slack lol

I have also the same issue and im too frustrated about the payment and it is something big. My long sleepless nights headaches and leaves from offic to complete the work on time . So how i get my payment back. Anil please help me . How to resolve this issue. It happened on sep 6 2020 and i have completed the KYC procedure on 7th. And now paypal is verified. Its take almost 30 days to back to fiverr. I raised the ticket and they replied once and they are very slow to respond. Is fiver re-send the payment back to PayPal after 30 days?. Please reply. i tried and searched regarding the same issue happened to anyone. So could you please explain the procedure you have made the journey of getting payment back. It will be great help to all.

This is for all those who are facing this issue. I will be speaking entirely about what happened with me. If you initiated the payment from fiverr before verifying the paypal account, The money becomes unclaimed. And all unclaimed amount will be sent back to the senders funding source (i.e fiverr in our case) within a 30 day time. It may become more than 30 days. So keep in touch with the fiverr CS and Paypal CS. First contact your Paypal CS and make sure that the money has been reversed to fiverr. Ask specifically about it. Next keep in touch with fiverr along with your earnings tab screenshots and ask them when you can expect it back. Be polite. It usually takes them more than 6 days to contact or sometimes 10. But they will reply. Do not open multiple tickets for the same issue. If they arent replying, message them in fb or twitter along with your ticket number. It should be solved after 1 month. I got mine credited into my eanings exactly after 36 days. So I hope you all get yours back soon. Thank you and good luck.

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Thanks for the support Anil.

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You can take support from the Fiver. Ask them what to do I think you will get the solution.

Thank you

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I got my money back. Resolved in one week. Thanx to fiver CS.

Hi, I am also having the same issue. I will tell you exactly what happened with me, I made a withdrawal from Fiverr and confirmed it through e-mail. Then I recieved an e-mail from PayPal that my payment is waiting and I need to provide with more information before I can get this money (visit resolution center). I messaged PayPal cs and they replied me after 3 attempts, saying I need to ask the sender to resend the money to me i.e Fiverr. Now, I am stuck here. I don’t know how long will it take for me to get this issue resolved, or when can I actually have access to my money.


I did contact Fiverr cs, and I got their reply after a few hours, they told me that I still have my money in my Fiverr account. I can withdraw that anytime after checking if my paypal is verified completely. I am relieved that atleast, the money is back to where it was. All of this happened after 1 day. Thank you very much Anil, my actions were based on your experience.

If your PayPal account is not verified, then it will take some time for this to happen, because they have reduced the number of active technical support staff due to the pandemic.

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The money wont be received on paypal. it will get diverted back to your fiverr balance after 30 days. Wait for 30 days and keep in touch with the fiverr cs. Not paypal. After receiving the money on fiverr, you can transfer again to paypal. But make sure to provide all kyc details in paypal and getting your account verified before that. Or else the same thing repeats.

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