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Paypal Payment


Hi, I have been on the phone with paypal regarding payments. They say it is a glitch on your end, so I need your help. I would like to buy several more services, however, I can’t since the payment is a problem. I usually get one payment a day and that is it. I would like to do several service payments at once, is that possible? I love this site and services, please help me in order not to spend hours on the phone with paypal or you all. Thank you so much!


I don’t know what you’re asking really, doesn’t make any sense… but…

No matter what you’re asking, this isn’t the place for it.

Everyone here is a member like you. Nobody from Fiverr Tech support or anything comes on here.

This is a public forum for members, not staff. So nobody here can help you.

I would suggest contacting Support.


Contact the fiverr Customer Support with your problem in order to get it worked out, because we of the forum aren’t the support team, we try to help with simple problems. They may be able to help you better. :slight_smile:


@kaismith - Thanks for repeating exactly what I posted!!!