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Paypal problem in Pakistan & India


Hi to all

Paypal is not giving services in pakistan and india,so there will be also other options such as moneybookers,payza or libertyreserve ,so we could attach any one of them to our account,and we could withdraw money easily,fiverr is giving many good services so they should also add one of these services other than paypal.hope they will act on this; soon.




I’m not sure about Pakistan but Paypal works in India.

You need to add bank account to your paypal account to receive money.

If you want to buy a gig then you will need a credit card.


I am living in india and my paypal account is working fine without any problems…


I heard from my Indian friend that Indian paypal can only receive money but can not send, I mean outgoing payment is off for Indian paypal. I also support rehanafzal, It will be very good if fiverr admin add payza and libertyreserve with their payment system.


Im in Pakistan and i am using PAYONEER, its the best option so far. Yes PAYPAL is not available in pakistan but moneybookers (skrill) they are just crap now.


Thanks, @bitbyteworld, glad to hear that you’re happy with our service!


Reply to @nissim_payoneer: i am also happy with payoneer but do it work with


@rehanafzal I recently received my fiverr master card from payoneer but i am not using it, i guess you can verify a paypal account with it and send your money from paypal to payoneer and get it from near by ATM!

Hope it helps!


Moneybookers (Skrill) is the best payment processor, I ever experienced. I have been using their services for years now. And, I would say without any doubt that they provide their service at a very Low Fee and the Funds get transferred to my bank account in just 2-3 days. And now they get transferred within JUST ONE day, after I have been using the IBAN.

My country and many other countries have been a victim of Paypal because of their biased policies. I would like Fiverr to integrate Moneybookers option, so that we can avail its benefits.

Regarding Payoneer. Yes, that option can be used but it’s a bit expensive as compared to our earning on Fiverr.

My Vote for Moneybookers (Skrill). The BEST PAYMENT PROCESSOR. And regarding the customer support, its excellent.


nissim_payoneer : Please Advice Me to get on payoneer , how can i get my payment ? Please Please Advice


Reply to @nissim_payoneer:

is it possible to get payout from payoneer ? please Advice i m stuck, i have no access from paypal.


How to use or add Pakistan bank accounts in Fiverr?


There is no way to do so. They have recently introduced the Bank Transfer and unfortunately Pakistan in not in that list too. :frowning:


You can apply for payoneer directly from here. Just go to the payments page! Payoneer is the real deal!!
I am in Kenya and I Just LOVE it … processed over $50k through Payoneer …and I am not complaining… everything is smooth

Long Live payoneer!!


yes… I am doing it…
It is the so called “Fiverr Card” on the payments page!


How to use payoneer in Fiverr ?? bro


payoneer is best <3




Paypal India seems to be working great in India. I personally have never come across with any issues accessing Paypal India.


I think this problem has been solved now.