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PayPal Revenue Expiration?


Is there any time-frame on my collections from PalPal?

Could I leave it sitting in there, letting it rack up. Until I decide to withdraw it?

Is there any downside to doing this?


I don’t think there is any time frame to withdraw.

Down side when you withdraw with only little amount, as Paypal fees rip you off.


Yeah, i dont think anything below 50 bucks is worth withdrawing to paypal.


aww man.

thanks for the info!


I’m new here and I’m happy to say have been pretty successful. My payments are starting to clear and add up, and it’s time to do something with the money.

My question is this: I have a Pro (Business) account with Paypal and am wondering if Paypal will charge me a fee when my Fiverr funds are deposited?

I’m already paying 20% to Fiverr - I’d like not to lose an additional percentage to Paypal.

Thank you and sorry if this is already discussed in another thread. I searched but didn’t find it.