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Paypal Revenue Withdraw not working?


Is it just me or the paypal revenue withdrawal currently is not working? it is graying out.


Same here since last friday (I believe).

I contacted Customer Support Immediately, but no response from them in 3 days.



i also opened a ticket… haven’t receive reply yet


I used fiverr revenue card it works just fine! Must be a paypal issue.


Reply to @wingle: ur paypal icon alway gray out?


This is a Fiverr issue. Paypal is just fine. Yes, my “Fiver Revenue Card” button is fine, but I need the Paypal button to be fine.

Only a few sellers are experiencing this issue, so it is not a Paypal issue.


Reply to @s_sayan: you got the reply from customer service?


Reply to @wordpress_seo:

Yes, I finally got a reply from Customer Support today. They want to verify my identity first.

Seems like they don’t touch revenue issues without the proper verification. So now I have to provide a scan of my ID and a PayPal transaction ID that corresponds to the FIRST PayPal account used on the Fiverr account in question.

Seems like they are doing this just in case my account was hacked. I don’t really think my account was hacked, but I will provide all they ask of course.

I just hope they don’t reply in 4 more days.


Reply to @s_sayan: Thanks, please keep me posted…


Reply to @s_sayan: Well, I’m really glad you finally got a reply :wink:


Reply to @wingle: Shouldn’t be a Paypal issue as I did a withdrawal earlier today :slight_smile:


Same to me! I provided detailed required info for paypal, payoneer and other personal info…

Finally, all my withdrawal options was restored very fast…


Reply to @whitehatseo10: How many days did you take?

i just opened ticket yesterday.


Reply to @wordpress_seo:

I suggest you post a reply with a scan of your ID and the PayPal transaction ID of your last withdrawal before they reply the first time. That way you can get a solution as soon as they read it (I guess).


Reply to @s_sayan: Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

Did you get your issue resolved? or still waiting for them to reply.



They replied within 3 hours after I sent them my ID, etc. They said I should now be able to withdraw my funds. However, the Paypal button is still grayed out.

I managed to withdraw the funds using an old confirmation email though. And yes, the Paypal button was still grayed out before I withdrew the money.

So, they partially fixed it. I got the money (which is all that matters anyway), but still will contact them regarding the grayed out button.

I will keep you guys updated. :slight_smile:


Update 2:

The Paypal button is fine now.

All in all, it took them over 4 days to respond and fix the issue.

Best Of Luck.


My issue just got resolved as well : )


Reply to @wordpress_seo: I do not use Paypal. Payoneer is best for me :slight_smile:


Reply to @s_sayan: That’s great, mate!