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PayPal transfer cancellation?

I asked for a transfer on Paypal (by mistake) when I wanted a bank transfer.
I received an email from paypal asking me to validate the transfer. Will the transfer be canceled if I do not validate it within 24h, 48h …?


As I recall there is a time period to do that then it is transferred back to fiverr if you don’t do it. I suggest asking customer support, and if you can find a phone number for Paypal to call them also to ask. I thought it was 3 days but I’m not sure.

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If you don’t click the link in your email to confirm the withdrawal, it won’t get processed. As long as your earning page still shows the amount you want to withdraw as available, you can withdraw via Payoneer, even if you might have already clicked the PayPal button.

I know, because I’ve done this myself.

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Thank you. I will try to do this from my computer.

When I asked for the transfer from my phone there was no choice between paypal and payoneer.

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This was my problem. When you click withdraw in the app, it automatically attempts to do so via PayPal. In my case, the desktop site still had my $$$'s and let me withdraw them via Payonerr as usual almost immediately after I’d hit the withdraw button in the app.