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Paypal Vs Payoneer (Indian Sellers)

I know that this question has been asked many times. But I can’t help it. The responses are very confusing. And I’ve also heard that Payoneer recently changed their fees. As an Indian seller, which one do you think is better and why?


I’m also interested in knowing this so let me know.

As for me, I’m currently using Payoneer and their conversion rate isn’t that bad but it’s definitely not accurate. So if on google 1USD = 75 INR, I’ll get a conversion rate of around 74INR.
As for their service fee, it’s a fixed $3 USD even up to payments of like 800 USD, that’s the max I’ve debited atm, soon I’ll be trying if the service fee increases if you cross the $1000 limit but I don’t think it will.
Also, I feel the confusion is there because their rates are different depending on where you’re from so definitely interested in knowing a detailed answer on this from Indian Sellers.


One thing that I’ve observed using Paypal’s currency converter is that their conversion rates are not very pleasing. I’ve also heard that the total charge can be upto 9-10%. Btw do you also get charged extra 2 percent of the whole amount along with the $3 fee as stated by payoneer?

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I’ve been using Paypal for last 6 years.

That’s not right. Paypal’s currency conversion fee is 2.5% (+18% GST) only. You can apply for refund of that 18% GST.

I’ve never tried Payoneer, not sure about their fees.

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I’m not sure, I’ve never checked it that carefully but I’ll be debiting again in a few days and I’ll post here again regarding all the conversions and calculations and screenshots from payoneer as well.

Hey, I am an Indian seller as well, and I have not yet withdrawn any of my earnings. I wanted to know, payoneer has an annual fee of around $30, if you sign up using Fiverr do you still have to pay this annual fee?
And I heard there is an inactivity fee as well, where you are charged if your account remains inactive for more than 30 days. Does payoneer charge you these fees as well?
I’m sorry if I’m asking way too many questions, I’m just super confused.

This is how fiverr is set up with Payoneer. 2% + 3$ Is their total fee on any transaction you make. Not sure what the minimum amount is.
However, their conversion rate is definitely better than what Paypal offers in my opinion.

I wasn’t charged and I think it’s for people who want to get a payoneer credit card, I just directly debit it to my bank account.

Only if you use the card. Also, it’s 1 year of inactivity not 1 month. :slight_smile:

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Oh, thank you so much! I heard the minimum withdrawal amount is $20. I think payoneer is overall a better option.

Thank you for your response. Can you elaborate?

By far, payoneer is the best option. I have been withdrawing from the past 6 months and they have never charged me any sort of additional fees yet. Not even the 3 dollars. They do not charge fees for indian sellers.

I don’t understand. In my Payoneer profile, it’s showing $3 + 2% charge.

UPDATE: I made a small withdrawal of $112 a few days ago. And Payoneer charged $3 ( No extra 2%) for it.

I went with the exchange rate of 28 May, calculations might not be 100% accurate but I think payoneer charged you 2%. On 28 May exchange rate was 75.98 and as I can see in screenshot, you were paid by the exchange rate of 73.98

$112 X 75.98 is ₹8,509.76‬
$112 X 73.98 is ₹8,285.76

₹8,509.76‬ - ₹8,285.76 = ₹224 ($3.02) (apart from $3 fee they charge on every transation)

₹8,285.76 - $3 (₹221.94) = ₹8,063.82‬

The 2% mentioned on Payoneer was 2% of the whole amount and not the exchange rate. Exchange rate on google are often a bit inflated. No company gives you the exact market exchange rate, not even your bank. It’s always a little less.