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Paypal Vs Payoneer Withdrawal


How much would you get in PayPal and Payoneer if you withdrew 10$?


On payoneer if you withdrew 10$ with standard load you will get 9$ if you selected immediate load then you will get 7$

not have a idea bout PayPal i have not used it


for paypal 2% charge suppose you withdraw $4 you’ll get $3.92 and if you withdraw above $50 then it will charge only $1 for each transaction.


Are you sure paypal takes only 1$ for transactions above 50$?


Check this out:


I am not sure. I know that I use Payoneer personally because it counts as a Direct Deposit into my bank account, which then prevents my bank from taking a fee.


acutally, Payoneer is 1$ for 2 business day load and 3$ for immediate load.
Then it sits in your Payoneer account.
From there you can do 2 things;

  • pay with the Payoneer prepaid Credit card
  • transfer to you own bank account

both options come with costs, and that is mainly depending on the currency of your own bank account/the currency of the location where you use the card.


Yes, If you withdraw $50/ $500 you will get $49/ $499


Do you actually withdraw to your personal bank account from payoneer?
Which country as that option on payoneer?


Sometimes I use it.
More info:
important to know (explained on the pages) that it is subject to availability per country.