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Paypal Vs Payoneer


What is the better method for money transfer?And why?


I prefer payoneer for better currency conversation rate.
If you own a Payoneer master card, quick withdrawal from ATMs is a plus.
Also you can use the payoneer card to purchase goods and services from various websites.
Some websites only accept paypal so I still keep a good amount of fund on paypal though.


i think Payonner is the best method for money transfer


Can you withdraw money from your bank account without payoneer master card?


Yes, you can. You can link your bank details in your Payoneer account, and then you can transfer your money to your local bank account.


actually i have an account on payoneer but i don’t have payoneer master card


How much is paypals and payoneers currency conversion rate?


You don’t need to have payoneer card to withdraw money.
To my knowledge, payoneer don’t support the master cards in some countries.
Mine was issued by default so I just use it ever since.


Your country’s currency is different from mine so I can’t answer this question. :wink:
You can try both methods and decide what is convenient for you.


When i create this account, i wasn’t & haven’t been asked for any bank details, or paypal details…
When someone pays for my services, where does the money go to?


The Paypal and Payoneer account is for withdrawal, so you wont be ask for your bank details when creating an account on fiverr, not until you are ready to withdraw money, check the earnings page to see all your sales. You can also set up the withdrawal method there.


yes, payoneer account is good for withdrawl,good luck, THANKS


Payoneer card is expensive to small sellers.

The only downside I see with Payoneer is you need your balance to be minimum $20.

We don’t have PayPal support to receive payments in our country.


I checked on this and saw the limit for transfer to your local bank account was from 1000-10000USD. Is this true for Payoneer or does it support transfers of any amount without you having to own a Payoneer mastercard.


The amount you can withdraw depends on the following:

  1. Your available balance
  2. Your minimum withdrawal amount per transaction (normally $50)
  3. Your maximum withdrawal amount per transaction (normally $2500 max per day)
    These details are unique to each Payoneer user and are clearly displayed beneath the withdrawal amount field. That’s said you should log in your account and contact customer support to ask what your account status is.

Old payoneer users can even withdraw USD directly to their account (given that they have an USD account in their local bank).
Also, VIP users (> $200 000 total transaction) will have higher caps.


Thanks for clearing that p:smiley: