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Paypal Withdraw Button Missing

I don’t see the Paypal Withdraw button. I only see the Direct Deposit and Fiverr Revenue Card buttons. I think this happened once before, so it’s probably some glitch or temporary bug. Let me know.


Hello, Its not a bug please quickly knock the Fiverr CS I hope they help you to resolve the problem.

Sometimes my Earnings page appears in incorrect order, buttons are missing, greyed out, etc. Fiverr is glitchy af.

Report it to CS ASAP and they will sort ya out.

P.S. If you’re using Chrome, I recommend switching to Firefox for Fiverr use. The site does not run well at all on Chrome.

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One trick I do is use an older withdrawal confirmation email link. It still works for making new withdrawals.


Whoa. MVP warning. Thanks for the top tip :sunglasses:

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it’s a bug , it happened to me as well in the past , give it 24h … it will return to normal