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Paypal withdraw button not working

Hi everyone,
My Paypal withdraw button is hidden. Please see attached screenshot. What is this issue?
Need to fix ASAP.

I saw this notification at fiverr a day before yesterday that paypal is going through some issues and they are trying to resolve it

That Means You Don’t Have Any Paypal Mail Linked To your Profile Account :slight_smile: or Its Some Issues With Paypal Which Made Fiverr To Pause The Paypal Payment Tunnel

Usually this is not an issue at all. have a look to the right and see if there actually is money that you can withdraw. If not, then the Paypal-button will be inactive.

I have problems like you.
You can read the forum posts that I made earlier

contact Customer Support please

Is everything okay already? Any updates on this? :smiley:

then why he is able to withdraw through Payoneer? for Payoneer minimum amount for withdrawal is $20 but for PayPal you can withdraw $4 as a minimum! it must be an issue there or if it’s his first time then he’ll need to set up the paypal account first.

I still can not withdraw

At this moment I withdrew all my earnings and the buttons look like his. All except the Paypal button are active. When I hover with the mouse over the Paypal button a pop-up message says ‘No earnings to withdraw’. A look to the right confirms that there are no available funds. We don’t have a complete screenshot from his account, thus I assume that it is just that.

I have the same problem since Nov. 1. No response from Fiverr support. Sounds like many Fiverr sellers have this problem now.

What can we do?

I’m having the same problem. But for me, when I go to the revenues page, there are no Paypal or Bank account buttons at all. (it’s as if they aren’t there) I’ve had this happen once before and it was fixed. Now it’s not working again.

Its working fine at my end. Gotta withdraw bulk amount

Paypal isnt working for buyers either…just hangs there on ‘logging you in’ - been happening for a few weeks now :frowning:

I have not seen a withdraw button at all

have u got the solution? i have the same probs… :frowning: