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Paypal Withdraw Failed, Need your help, Please reply URGENT


This is the problem I am facing. I recently withdraw some money from fiverr to my paypal account.

I got confirmation and withdrawal successful emails also. After some time when I checked my fiverr revenue page there it is listed " withdrawal failed ". didnt get any email also.

Note - I used fiverr account associated with same email address. DONT KNOW WHY MY WITHDRAW IS FAILED


Check your PPal Account .I Think Money Is Hold on PayPal Account


i checked, but in revenue option on fiverr shows …withdraw failed… before few days also i tried but face same problem… please help me out for this

how to get withdraw from fiverr to paypal?


I Think Want You Quickly Contact Fiverr CS for this problem!:open_mouth:


Yes, i already submit request on fiverr CS… hope get quick solution and get money in my paypal


Yeah.I Hope You can Get Quickly Reply from Fiverr CS.
Good Luck!:wave:


Thank you so much for your help… hope Fiverr CS resolve this ASAP and i get my fund