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Paypal withdraw in progress

Hello, I have been waiting to withdraw funds from my fiverr account to my Paypal account but the button says that a withdrawing is in progress and has been like this for the last 3 days.

Please help.

Sometimes it can take a while to withdraw funds. Try contacting customer support, they have always been quick to respond. :slight_smile:

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Thanks… the thing is that I didnt requested any withdrawal… I wanted to but then the button is stuck!! :frowning:

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I had that happen once - it seems to be an intermittent bug. I contacted CS, and they cleared it up really quickly.

Contact them and ask - good luck!

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Hey I am seeing the same error “withdrawal in progress” I have funds in my account but seeing paypal button disabled. How did you get it solved ?

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I talked with the IT people in fiver and they fixed it.

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How long did it take ? I mean the whole process of submitting a ticket and getting your issue resolved ?

I faced the same issue. It was resolved 36hours after I submitted a ticket and follow-up with them 3 times.

I had the same issue yesterday and it was solved within 6 hour or less.

It was fixed in like 1 day

Mine got fixed in 2 days 12 hours approx. May be because of weekend. Still not sure why this happened

I have the same issue, I contacted Customer care but no reply, it has been 2 days already. What should I do

I currently have same issue and still waiting for CS to attend to my ticket

Try waiting till tuesday, it might be a weekend paired with timezones difference issue. The posts above suggest the same thing.
Withdrawals are not always instant, plan your budget accordingly and always assume it might take a few days.