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Paypal Withdraw


If you please I want to know how long it takes to receive money from fiverr to paypal


It’s never taken more than a few minutes for me to transfer from Fiverr to PayPal.


3 days ago I ask withdraw, but until now no resutat


Have you had the email asking you to confirm that you want to withdraw your funds?


yes, i receive the email


So you clicked on link in there, to say you wanted to withdraw to PayPal.

Have you had a second email confirming you withdrew your funds?

If not, and it’s been a while, I’d contact Customer Services.

Good luck!


It should take only few minutes.


yes I clicked on the link in the email
i receive " Your withdrawal is now being processed, and may take a few moments until it appears in your balance."


Okay - everything seems fine - how long ago did you get that email please?


2 days a go i receive the email


So have you had the last email you should get ‘ sent you $xxxxx’?

If not, I’d contact CS to check.

Good luck!


no i received this email
" Prepare your wallet! We received your request to withdraw your Fiverr
account revenues. To initiate the process, click the following link and
funds will be transferred to the PayPal account associated with your
profile. "


So did you click the link to start the transfer?


i clicked the link but no result


OK - so you haven’t had the email that says ‘Your Fiverr withdrawal was successful’, so you really need to contact CS.

Have you withdrawn to PayPal successfully before?


its the first one to withdraw to paypal


Right, so please contact Customer Services - I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out!


ok thank you very mutch