Paypal Withdrawal Button Greyed Out. Feels really worried here


Hi there,

Do anyone have this issue right now? My Paypal withdrawal button is greyed out and I am a bit nervous here because I need to pay my rent shortly and this bug is not helping at all.

I want to withdraw yesterday and just realized that my Paypal Withdrawal button is greyed out. I contacted Fiverr Support immediately but no reply, it is been 24 hours already. I am anxious here because there will be a time within withdrawal from Fiverr to Paypal, and then from Paypal to my bank account will be another several days.

I submitted the ticket through Dashboard issue (ToDo, Analytics, Revenues, etc.). I already provided them my Paypal address, my screenshots from my last withdrawal, both on Fiverr and Paypal. Do I need to send another ticket under another “issue”? Will be it have any faster response if I do so? If yes which one of the “issue” that you usually report a bug like this (I’m not even sure if this is a bug actually). I usually waited patiently for CS to respond and usually I got my response under 24 hours. I do not want to sound so nagging and upsetting the Fiverr Support. But this is a money issue, and they’re not responding yet, so I’m not sure what to do.

Thanks before for your help!



This issue is already resolved by Fiverr Support. What you have to do is providing any information that they may need to prove that you are the genuine owner of the Paypal account that linked to Fiverr account, since my account was flagged before for potentially harmful action. Even if I don’t remember clicking any link, maybe I missed some when I got flood of messages before. Thanks Fiverr Support. You are rock! :slight_smile:




Hi, I opened this thread to see if anyone have this problem ‘at the moment’ so I know if it’s just me or there are several people on this moment have this problem.


I already got reply from one of Fiverr Support and requested for a scan of passport or government ID, my first paypal email address, and my last transaction ID. I understand the competency of Fiverr Teams. They never let me down since before. It is not “Fiverr Team may be not help” that I’m worried about. I am “definitely sure” that they will be work on this. BUT, because of some circumstances that I really relied for my Fiverr balance here to pay bills this month. I waited until certain amount is being cleared and planned to withdraw it so it will reach my bank account 3 days later. But I am not worried anymore, since there is no way that I will get my money on May 2 and I will get my penalty anyway. ^^;

The lesson from this is, I will always “check” whether my Paypal button is grayed out or not from now on (with “available funds” balance not $0, of course), from time to time, so I can work on it with the Support as soon as possible. I never get an issue like this before, so yeah, hard lesson. :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for another reply from them after I submitted the information that necessary. Hope this will be resolved soon.

I will update this thread and mark it as closed after the issue resolved. Thank you!