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Paypal withdrawal button is not working

Anyone else having this problem.

I’m trying to withdraw funds but the paypal button is greyed out. Also when you hover over it it says “Withdrawal in progress” but I have not received any email or actions from paypal or fiverr.

Has the money been taken out of your fiverr account?

Did you get the message your withdrawal is successful?

Do you have the minimum amount needed for a withdrawal?

You need to ask customer support about it.

Lately there have been a few messages on the forum that the paypal button is not working right.

Nothing has happened. Its just greyed out. Paypal account is fine. I’ve contacted support but was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem.

Did you get your paypal problem sorted?

My Paypal button is non functional, but is not greyed out.

Thats strange lets hope fiverr sorts this out

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Good luck!.. You may want to try applying for Payoneer if a week or two goes by like this.

Some reported that fiverr got it sorted out quickly.

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Thanks, I do like paypal so hope so.

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