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Paypal withdrawal button not active



I have a few buck in my fiverr account as cleared revenue and I thought I could place withdrawal onto Paypal today.

I tried to but noticed that the PayPal button on my account was no longer active, however each time I tried clicking it I got a ‘withdrawal in progress’ response.

Furthermore, I looked into my already withdrawn funds, and it seems like the last withdrawal of $161 which i did on March 26th hasn’t been updated on the system as completed. Perhaps that could be the cause?

I have tried to reach out to CS but no response yet.

Has anyone ever experienced such? What’s the possible solution?



just wait it will be solved …if you withdraw funds in same days then it happens


Did you get the link in your email to click on to accept the withdrawal? And did you click on it?


Yes, I got the link after I filled in my PayPal account. And I did click it. Do you think I should click on the link again?


Thanks for responding to my quest.

Just needed to point out that my last withdrawal was on the 26th of March, that’s almost a month ago.


Did you get the message in your email: Your withdrawal was successful! You can click the link again but it probably won’t help.

This is a bug that some people have reported lately so it’s best to contact customer support. Please let us know how this goes!


No, I didn’t get any of such email.


Did you get the last withdrawal of $161 into your Paypal account?


Thanks a lot, I have contacted them and it just takes forever for them to respond.

I needed the money to fix myself up, but I guess I’m left without a choice than to wait on their response.


Yes, but I changed PayPal account some 4 days ago in anticipation of my planned withdrawal.


Is your Paypal account verified yet? Is it working yet? Did you change the email on fiverr to the new Paypal email?


The PayPal account is verified and working. Yes, I did change email on fiverr to the new PayPal email and I was notified that my withdrawal would be pasued for 24hours for security reasons… But that was 4 days ago


Oh I see. Then it has to be a bug, which a few others have mentioned. I hope you get this straightened out soon!


Thanks a lot @misscrystal. I’m hoping fiverr fixes the bug soon


Update: CS responded, and now I’ve been able to withdraw my funds

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: