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PayPal withdrawal - Exchange rate BUG?

Hello guys! I was about to withdrawal my funds (I always withdraw my funds in USD) and I checked the rate for Euro as I have both Euro and USD in my PayPal. I then saw that the exchange rate was not profitable for me, so I closed the “Paypal Withdrawal” page and reopened it. It was back to USD and it said XXXX amount of USD, I withdrew them and I got XXXX Euro in my bank account! I just lost 108 USD out of this and I am 100% positive that I did everything right. I checked the PayPal withdrawal page, I switched to Euro to see what the exchange rate was. I did not like the numbers I was getting so I switched back to USD. It did not switch back to USD immediately so I had to reopen the PayPal withdrawal page and it was back to USD. I withdrew the USD to my PayPal, I go to my PayPal to check if everything is alright and I got Euro instead of USD so I basically lost 108 USD out of this error. Please someone help me!


Did you change the currency from Fiverr as well before making the withdrawal? You should contact CS with a sensitive matter like this.

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When the option to withdraw in € was first available to me, I clicked it to see if it would be the same/better than withdrawing in US$ and having PP apply their exchange rate but when I saw I’d lose money, I switched back to US$ and it worked for me, I got the money to my PP in US$.

Definitely contact support about that if you’re sure you switched back and didn’t miss anything, there’s nothing we here can do to help you.


I switched back as I calculated the exchange rates on the spot and it was not profitable. I clicked a bunch of times to revert back to USD, window still said XXXX amount of Euro. I closed it and reopened the page, got my XXXX amount in USD and I immediately withdrew my funds without giving it a second thought. Checked my PayPal after and I got the money in Euro so I lost 128$ on that (not 108$ as I recalculated it) I contacted Support right away. I seriously hope that they can help me with this.


Again I got an automated response from Customer Support.

“Hello there,
I’ll help you figure out what happened with these transactions, don’t worry.
I’ve looked into the matter and as I can see, the withdrawal was completed successfully and the money is no longer with Fiverr - there has also been no error regarding this transaction”

Oh god. I feel like most of the time Customer Support doesn’t even read the messages at all.

Seems like I won’t be able to get any help on it. I told CS that I did withdrawal my money in USD and that I lost 121 USD out of the exchange rate to which he responded that I received the money and I received them in Euro. Duh? That’s the problem I have and that’s why I contacted you. I love Fiverr and I love the platform, but when problems like this appear I feel like my hands are tied and they don’t want to take any action to fix the issue.

Quick update. Fiverr’s CS basically told me this:

"Once you successfully initiate a withdrawal, the funds leave Fiverr and we cannot reinstate them back to Fiverr. Since Paypal as your payment provider is not able to reverse the transaction, I am afraid that there is no the way we at Fiverr can help you on this occasion"

I seriously feel wronged by this. I literally lost 121 USD out of an error on the site/platform. I am 100% positive that I withdrew the money in USD. I told CS that I can try again and repeat the process as I am pretty confident that it may happen again (if I document it it can serve as proof for them to fix the error and compensate me) but of course they didn’t address this. And I feel wronged because this was not an error on my part. I am absolutely positive that it said 2350 USD before I proceeded and then lost 121 USD out of this and CS cannot help me. What do you guys think about this?

They can not reverse a transaction indeed and it’s vain to ask them about this to be honest, it will be just the same canned response all the time

But what if you’ll try to be a pain in the ass and ask them to fix the bug that happened or investigate the matter and tell you why it happened.

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I lost 120$ out of that error. They should be able to compensate me if the error was indeed something caused on platform and yes, they should investigate further to prevent stuff like this from happening.

I encountered the exact same problem. 100+ USD just gone like that, and I actually needed USD only. There is a bug indeed, the currency does not switch back after you re-save it.

Honestly if this stuff is happening fiverr needs to get on this right away. It is annoying it showing late on an order when you are on the 10th revision. When it comes to money this is where it needs to work.

I had that happen too, but only because I wasn’t paying attention and it had gone to CAD. I prefer USD as I make more and get more from PP for the exchange rate than what Fiverr gives us. Also, I usually use the money to buy stuff from the USA anyway, so I’d prefer that in my PP. I always check and double check now, so I don’t lose out.