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PayPal withdrawal fee?


I wish Fiverr would explain this somewhere. It’s weird that I can’t even tell how much money is being withdrawn or any details about it.

Anyway, I withdrew $10. I only received $9.80. That’s how much was sent. No fees taken on PayPal’s side. Checking the forums, all I see is references to a $1 service charge. I was only charged 20 cents.

I’d like to understand the fee system more so I can make good use of withdrawing. Does anyone know how it works?


When you signed up for Paypal and checked the “I agree” box, you should have actually read the terms.

It states CLEARLY that 2% (but no greater than $1) will be charged per transaction. This has NOTHING to do with Fiverr. Fiverr does not have to explain another company’s policy that you agreed to, to you.

Go to Paypal and read the User Agreement thoroughly.