Paypal withdrawal issue


hi. i have a concern about my revenue. its about withdrawing revenue through paypal. i have had successful withdrawals through paypal before. since i dont have fiverr revenue card, its the only way i have. now as i have noticed, since April 21, 2014 when i attempt to withdraw my funds, the paypal withdrawal button on the revenues page is greyed out and not interactive. and it has been like this until today April 24, 2014. i have already sent a request to fiverr customer support but they said it would take time for a specific answer to this problem. i looked at my brother’s revenues page since he’s a fellow designer in fiverr, his paypal withdrawal button is fine and interactive.
this is a major concern for me since i need my funds for my dues to pay and my needs as well.
i’m pretty sure as with anybody else, regardless the amount of money, you’d be very concerned as to why you cannot get the money that belongs to you.
has anybody else been through this? can anybody guide me through this as to what’s gonna happen or what to do?
thank you.

PayPal withdrawal in Progress

I’m having the same problem but I’d like to say… be very careful about who gets a copy of your passport or government issued ID as this creates a big identity theft concern for me and not sure it’s even legal to be forced to give up this info to access ones own money.


Reply to @mark74: hi. that’s right. Only Customer support has the specific issue resolution for this one. but the only reply i got from them is that it would take time for a spot on answer to this. so i’m kinda left hanging on fiverr because i dont have a definite expectation as to how long this would take or how to proceed.

but thanks anyway. now i know there are others as well.


Sorry for this problem, but if you use the search feature on this forum you’ll discover many other users complaining for the very same reason (and from a long time too).

Unfortunately we cannot help you: forum members are regular users (buyers and sellers) that can provide some tip, share experiences, but we cannot replace Customer Support: create a ticket and wait for their answer.


Hi, i am facing same problem, any luck?


Reply to @jayden_designs: hello! oh so you’re having the same issue? i have no answer yet. i checked my email but no update yet regarding the ticket. i was hoping fiverr would message me about this ticket or somebody who have gone through this before could share a thing or two.



I have same problem here, and still wait Customer Support answer :frowning:

Hows your ??


Mine’s still greyed out… cannot withdraw to paypal… argghhh!


Reply to @zeeillustrator: We’re having the same problem. It’s really scary. I have to pay my rent and it takes a few business days to clear from PayPal to my bank…and I can’t event get the money to PayPal right now! I’m worried this could continue to be a problem in the future. We rely on Fiverr as a second income. Have you heard anything back yet or any new info from other Fiverr users?


Yup, same problem… guess we’ll just have to wait…


OMG this is crazy I was having this problem since the first week of April. This is insane! Very unprofessional!


Having this exact same problem. If anyone ANYONE knows how to fix it please let me know lol.


hello everyone, to those who have been dealing with the same issue as well. mine’s already fixed. and like you guys, this was one hell of a hassle. ESPECIALLY to those who are trying to make it through their bills for the month.

here’s how mine was about.

Its true, guys. Customer support are the only people who can address this trouble. mine was about a security issue for the account.

But whats a bit unfair is that had i not contacted Customer Support, i would’ve remained clueless about this.

an email was sent to me 2 days after i created the trouble ticket. said that it was about a security issue so they temporarily disabled withdrawal on my account. on that same email, they asked to verify some information by two options:

a) through paypal info

(1. a scanned image of passport or any government issued ID, 2. the email address you use on paypal and fiverr, 3. give the last fiverr related Transaction ID number from your paypal account)

b) fiverr revenue card information.

reply to this as soon as possible and once they verify your ownership of the account, the paypal withdrawal button on the revenues page will be available.

hope this helps.

good day, fellow sellers.


Hi good day!

I face the problem right now, my paypal button is disable. Please help i have to pay by bills ASAP


the same issues until today!


This is Also my main problem on fiverr… i can’t even withdraw using my paypal… it seems that there are too many complaints about this issue… Hope that Fiverr can fix this mess!!!