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Paypal Withdrawal Limit


Why it say reach my withdrawal limit 5000
but i did not reach that amount only 200


It’s a common bug I believe.

Please contact support for further assistance.



If the 24 hours period since your last withdrawal has passed, here’s a trick that I usually do to re-enable the button and make it work. But make sure those 24 hours have actually passed since your last withdrawal.

Add to your balance page URL address: ?page= followed by any number you want, I usually go with 2,3,4, every time another number, and if it doesn’t work with a number, I try with another, and I find one where the button is enabled :wink:

Tell me if that worked out for you :slight_smile: I reckon it has to do with the browser cache, so if this won’t work, then try clearing your cache :wink:

NOTE: why I use “?page=X” ? Because in the past the balance page was paged using that parameter (now it’s all fancy and dynamic), but I got used to using that parameter over time


How could the bug got here?
so i need to open my laptop and see if there’s really a bug inside?


No. It’s not a real bug. A bug is used to describe a software malfunction of some sort.

Hope that makes sense.


you’re right there’s a bug in my laptop but it’s not a bug it’s ant.


OH okay okay
i’ll contact you


How did the Ant get there?


I dunno
you’re the one telling me it’s a bug thing


Priceless chatter :joy:  


well smile always guys


You can feed it lettuce and tomatoes!


don’t know what that means :triumph:


Hilarious thread :slight_smile:


The ant… feed it! Maybe that’ll fix the bug?!


oh okay
but the ant eat dead and sweet thing
ant never eat a bug how would i do that?


I AM VERY VERY confused how the bug got here inside my laptop hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


@hardbearded996 we’re derailing from the topic - did my solution work for you? Have you tried adding something like ?page=13 after your balance page URL address? That should re-enable the withdraw button - it always works for me, but only after 24hrs after the last withdrawal