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Paypal withdrawal method

hello everyone, im new on fiverr and i have made my very first +100$
i hope you doing all good too.

i have questions here, if anyone can help me.

what is your suggestions for me to withdraw my funds?
i want to try withdraw with paypal, what do you guys think?

your respond will help me much.
thank you!


Hi shinefactory! It would be important for you to say in which country you are. I am also new, I have only made $10 :grin: but I am also having the same questions as your. Especially since I am in Argentina and here it is awfully complicated to get hold of earnings made abroad. If anyone is reading this, please help. I would very much appreciate help from Argentinian colleagues on how to work with Paypal from here.

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hello dcarrer, im from indonesia.
that is also great for your $10… just keep the good work, as im new i cant say much :sweat_smile: