PayPal Withdrawal Not Functioning Correctly...?


So, this is only applicable to those who use PayPal to transfer money.

I don’t believe this is a problem with Fiverr because it transferred straight to PayPal with no issues, but if you have used PayPal before, could you let me know what’s happening? I waited to get my debit card to withdraw the first round of money, but once I did and I tried to send it over to my bank account, where all of the information is identical between my bank account and my PayPal account, it claims to have completed the transfer, but it does not show up on my actual debit card. Have you encountered something like this before? It’s been a few hours since the app and website said the transfer was complete, do I just have to keep waiting until it comes? Thank you in advance and sorry this doesn’t relate ENTIRELY to Fiverr. I’m just very concerned because I spent a lot of time working to accumulate that money.


Morning Braden!

It can take a few hours - I’ve found at the weekends it slows down a bit as well. It does say to allow 24 hours when I transfer to my bank account from PayPal, so give it a wee while, and all should be well! :slight_smile:


Okay, I tend to get anxious over some things that really shouldn’t bother me as much as they do. I’ll wait until Monday and if it still isn’t there then I might start to worry. Thanks again!


Ask your mom or dad for help, they should know what to do.


I would, but sadly, I’m more technologically advanced when it comes to this type of stuff than both of them :joy:! The other day I had to help my mom order a pair of shoes off of Amazon and I’m setting up an Etsy shop for my dad, so they won’t be much of a help…